Work Experience for Secondary Students

The Florey is the largest neuroscience institute in Australia. We are passionate about developing and driving the next generation of neuroscientists and researchers. Our work experience program is offered to year 10-12 students who are interested in the development and functioning of the brain; how it works and what happens when it goes wrong. The work experience program runs over a one week period in June and September, with programs offered at the Parkville and Austin Campuses.

The work experience program allows students to observe and collaborate with members of the Florey team and allows them to learn about current and future insights within mental health and neuroscience.

Intake Dates



The Florey offers two intakes in 2017:

Intake 1: June                                                    

Closing date for applications: 1/2/17

Intake 2: September                                          

Closing date for applications: N/A

Please note: The Florey has a limited number of work experience programs available to students.

How To Apply

The Florey will be taking applications from 1st December 2016 and noted above are the closing dates for each intake.

Students wishing to apply will be required to complete the application form and email their completed form to In this application, students will need to detail their department of interest at the Florey, the reasons they want to complete work experience at the Florey, the subjects they are currently undertaking and any other relevant personal skills and attributes.


If you have any further queries please contact our Human Resources department at or call on 9035-7000.