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Dr Giancarlo Allocca B.Sc (Hons) Ph.D (Melb)

My research focuses on the multidisciplinary bridging of Neuroscience, Pharmacology, Electronic Engineering, Software Engineering, and Machine Learning. I have built a rich portfolio of research experience and laboratory techniques across three universities, The University of Melbourne (Australia), King’s College London (UK), Newcastle University (Australia), and one pharmaceutical industrial company, Eli Lilly and co (US, UK subsidiary). Over the course of my PhD I have established strong collaborations with multiple departments within The University of Melbourne and external institutes, including Oxford University (UK), Bologna University (Italy) and SRI International (US). My latest milestone was the design and validation of a machine learning based platform for automated scoring and analysis of polysomnography data, named “Somnivore”.

My aim is to further develop the technology created as part of my PhD project, to enhance both qualitatively and quantitatively the research output of Neuroscience, Sleep Research, and Drug Discovery. As The University of Melbourne is accelerating my technology towards commercialization I also aim to develop it into a successful business venture. My medium to long term goal is to maximize biomedical technology for research, clinical and consumer based environments. Fields of interest include sleep, epilepsy, theory of consciousness, and biofeedback technology to enhance mindfulness practice.

Research Papers

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Nucleus incertus promotes cortical desynchronization and behavioral arousal


Brain Structure & Function



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Sherie Ma, Giancarlo Allocca, Emma KE Ong-Palsson, Caitlin E Singleton, David Hawkes, Stuart J McDougall, Spencer J Williams, Ross AD Bathgate, Andrew L Gundlach


Listed below are Dr Giancarlo Allocca's qualifications.
  • Ph.D. in Neuroscience (The University of Melbourne)
  • B.Sc. (Hons) in Pharmacology (King's College London)