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Ms Mouna Haidar

Research Assistant — Neurodegeneration

Mouna is an Alzheimer's Australia Dementia Research Foundation (AADRF) PhD scholarship recipient in the Neuropeptides Laboratory under the  supervision of A/Prof Andrew Gundlach and Dr Craig Smith. The main focus of her current research is examining the neuropeptide, relaxin-3 and its involvement in important brain pathways involved in learning and memory. 
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Recent Publications 
Haidar M, Lam M, Chua BE, Smith CM, Gundlach AL (2015). Sensitivity to chronic methamphetamine administration and withdrawal in mice with relaxin-3/RXFP3 deficiency. Neurochemical Research (Special Issue – for Prof Philip Beart).
Smith CM, Walker AW, Hosken IT, Chua BE, Zhang C, Haidar M, Gundlach AL (2014). Relaxin-3/RXFP3 networks: an emerging target for the treatment of depression and other neuropsychiatric diseases? Frontiers in Pharmacology, 5, 46.
Smith CM, Chua BE, Zhang C, Walker AW, Haidar M, Hawkes D, Hossain MA, Shabanpoor F, Wade JD, Gundlach AL (2014). Central injection of relaxin-3 receptor antagonists reduces motivated food seeking and consumption in mice. Behavioural Brain Research, 268, 117-126. 
Lepeta K, Lourenco MV., Schweitzer BC., Adami, PVM., Banerjee P., Catuara-Solarz S., de La Fuente Revenga. M., Guillem AM., Haidar M., et al., 2016. Synaptopathies: synaptic dysfunction in neurological disorders. Journal of Neurochemistry, doi:10.1111/jnc.13713. 

Research Papers

Listed below are Ms Mouna Haidar 's most recent publications.


Sensitivity to Chronic Methamphetamine Administration and Withdrawal in Mice with Relaxin-3/RXFP3 Deficiency


Neurochemical Research



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Mouna Haidar, Monica Lam, Berenice E Chua, Craig M Smith, Andrew L Gundlach


Listed below are Ms Mouna Haidar 's qualifications.
  • B.A, G.Dip(Psych)


Listed below are Ms Mouna Haidar 's awards.
  • 2014 - AADRF PhD Scholarship
  • 2015 - Travel Award recipient for the Advanced School of Neurochemistry
  • 2015 - Geoffery Tregear Travel Award
  • 2015 - International Behavioural Neuroscience Society (IBNS) Graduate Student Travel Award Recipient
  • 2016 - Miller Post Graduate Travel Award