Ms Michelle Shannon
B Physiotherapy (Hons), MSc

Michelle Shannon is completing a PhD in the AVERT Early Rehabilitation Research Group, under the supervision of Professor Julie Bernhardt, Florey Department of Neuroscience and Mental Health, University of Melbourne. She is a physiotherapist, and trained in Dublin, Ireland, and London, United Kingdom. Since 2016, she has worked in the Transition Care Program, Western Health, Melbourne. This program supports older people after discharge from hospital, including those needing neurological rehabilitation. The aim of her PhD is to investigate architectural design features of hospital and rehabilitation facilities that can promote recovery in people with neurological disorders, including stroke.

Her PhD project is: To what extent does the physical environment impact on affective, cognitive, and physical responses of people with brain injury? A road-map for design of a hospital environment that can shape brain recovery. 

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Key collaborators

Professor Alan Pert, Melbourne School of Design, University of Melbourne 
Professor Marcus White, Centre for Design Innovation, Swinburne University 
Prof John Olver, Monash University and Epworth Healthcare 
Professor Marie Elf, School of Education, Health, and Social Studies, Dalarna University, Sweden; Department of neurobiology,  care sciences and society, Karolinska University, Sweden. 

  • Location

    Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Austin
    245 Burgundy Street
    VIC 3084

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Showing 10

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