Dr Pustovit is an established expert in gastrointestinal neurobiology with the main focus on investigating neural pathways that control bowel function.  He has substantial expertise in experimental surgery and for in vivo physiological studies.

He and Professor Furness have worked together on the actions of drugs on colorectal motility and defecation in rodents in vivo and on animal models of constipation and enteric dysfunction. Dr Pustovit made the striking discovery that defecation is dependent on ghrelin receptors, but not ghrelin (Pustovit et al., 2017).

Dr Pustovit’s major contribution to the gastrointestinal neurobiology field is demonstrated by a prominent review article about central and peripheral components of defecation control pathways and changes in the function of these pathways after spinal cord injury which he recently published in Spinal Cord (2017).

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    Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health
    30 Royal Parade


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