Neuropathological Diagnostic Service

Professor Catriona McLean has over 25 years’ experience in brain banking and is the diagnostic neuropathologist for all the cases referred to the Victorian Brain Bank for diagnosis and research.

The neuropathology diagnostic service:

  • Is relied on for the validation of research studies using emerging technologies such as neuroimaging, neurogenomics and neuroproteomics.
  • Confirms a pre-mortem clinical diagnosis, increases clinicians’ awareness and understanding of atypical presentations of certain brain diseases,
  • Precludes an organic basis for psychiatric illness which confounds successful diagnostic classification of these disorders,
  • Confirms a diagnosis for donor families, in whom neurological disease may have hereditary or familial association and may be at risk of developing the disease,
  • Generates pathological description of brain diseases and advances knowledge of some brain pathologies, thus providing a powerful tool for education and research,
  • Generates important health statistics and
  • Provides a valuable training opportunity for future neuropathologists and the neuroscience community.

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