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Information for Researchers

The VBB has optimised the collection, characterisation and storage of brain tissue and related samples, enabling researchers to conduct experiments using the tissue in the areas of (but not limited to); genomic, neuroanatomical, neuropathological, neuropharmacological and neurochemical studies.

The VBB operates in line with the ABBN National Access Policy. A service fee for access is determined for each application and the freight costs are the responsibility of the recipient.

How to apply directly to the VBB

Download the Victorian Brain Bank Guidelines for Researchers [PDF]

Step 1:

Researchers can enquire about obtaining tissue by contacting the VBB coordinator, Fairlie Hinton on 03 8344 1900 or at  Each enquiry will be reviewed to ascertain the availability of tissue. If the enquiry is feasible the researcher will be made aware of the VBB policy on cost recovery and Material Transfer Agreement. If agreed, a tissue application and Guidelines for Researchers will be sent to the researcher.

Ms Fairlie Hinton
Victorian Brain Bank
The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health
30 Royal Parade

Tel: 03 8344 1900
Mob: 0438 530 372
Fax: 9349 5105


Step 2:

Before submitting the completed application, applicants must have obtained appropriate Human Research Ethics approval for the specified scientific project from their host institution.


Step 3:

Wait for your application to be reviewed with approval based upon researchers’ expertise and track record, the merit of the research plan and availability of tissues.

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