Pre-clinical stroke research

Our laboratory is focused on investigating new treatments that target recovery after stroke using pre-clinical animal models.  Our research focuses on the brains response to injury across varying degrees of stroke severity with regional lesion variation, to investigate key mechanisms required for brain repair.  We have shown that variation in stroke severity influences neurogenesis, angiogenesis, reactive gliosis and functional recovery, and that stroke severity needs to be considered when stratifying individuals to treatment.

Using functional behaviour, histopathology and phosphoproteomics we investigate treatments that target recovery after stroke. Recently we found that treatment with the Rho-Kinase inhibitor Fasudil modulates reactive gliosis, reduces glial scarring and restores cellular energetics to improve functional recovery. 

In partnership with Implicit Bioscience we are also investigating new was to modulate the immune response to stroke to reduce injury in the acute phase as well as support recovery. We believe our research approach will assist with future clinical trial translation, as well as reveal new treatments that reduce injury and promote recovery after stroke.

  • Location

    Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health
    30 Royal Parade

  • Research team

    Head Dr Carli Roulston

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