The Florey has been a leader in medical research for more than 50 years.

Here are just some of the ways we are changing lives as we push through the final frontier - to understand the mysteries of the brain.

  • Professor Colin Masters identified the importance of the brain protein, beta amyloid, as a key marker and primary cause of Alzheimer’s disease. 


IMPACT: Developing drugs to stop the progress of the disease


IMPACT: saving lives and reducing disability after stroke

  • Professor Steven Petrou and his team are discovering underlying genetic causes of epilepsy and developing life-changing drugs


IMPACT: Curing and treating crippling childhood epilepsies

  • Professor Graeme Jackson and his team are watching the brain working using MRI and how that may be used to cure epilepsy


IMPACT: returning people to productive lives by controlling or curing epileptic seizures

  • Professor Brian Dean is revealing biochemical imbalances that cause schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder and an increased risk of suicide


IMPACT: Reducing suicide in key, susceptible age groups (mainly working-aged males), while also aiming to prevent onset of mental illness

  • Professor Andrew Lawrence and his team are identifying brain regions and chemicals that cause relapse in drug and alcohol addiction, leading to possible new treatments


IMPACT: Preventing addiction, ensuring people live productive lives


IMPACT: reducing the burden of kidney and heart disease and other brain-controlled inflammation of organs

  • Professor Ross Bathgate and his team are building on decades of Florey discovery, discovering the human form of the relaxin hormone and its roles, leading to a new treatment for heart failure


IMPACT: Addressing the major cause of adult death – cardiovascular disease

  • Professor Julie Bernhardt and her team are determining the appropriate amount of physical activity to perform following a stroke to minimise further damage but promote optimal recovery


IMPACT: Improving the lives of people who have had a stroke

IMPACT: Enrolling for a clinical trial of an iron-sequestering drug to see if it will slow or stop Alzheimer's disease progression

  • Professor Anthony Hannan and his team are describing the inheritance of environmental effects through the male germline to his offspring, with major implications for social and health policy messages

IMPACT: Encouraging mental health of men when family planning

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