Our specialist research associates have experience in many different areas of Bioinformatics. In particular we have extensive experience in Neuroscience which presents some unique challenges to investigators Our expertise in experimental design, analysis and use of on line databases and resources, such as the Allen Brain Atlas, can serve to bring an innovative new dimension to your research project.

We support both basic science and clinical research by providing expertise from specialist researchers with experience in both neuroscience and a wide range of bioinformatics analysis methods. We do not process biological samples but will assist in experimental design and identifying appropriate protocols and service providers for sample processing.

Florey Bioinformatics Services and FAQ

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Who we are

Bioinformatics Core associate investigators, along with relevant expertise:


Vicky Perreau PhD

Analytical:  Transcriptomics, Microarray analysis, RNAseq, CHIP-seq

Selected Informatics Tools:  Allan Brain Atlas, UCSC Genome Browser, Gene Expression Omnibus, Intact (EBI), Neuroscience Information Framework, Gemma

Other:  Experimental design, RNA preparation, Student supervision, Human ethics, Pathway analysis, Gene ontology

Andrew Fox PhD

Analytical: Next generation sequencing (NGS) analysis, DNA variant calling and discovery, Genome-wide Association Studies (GWAS), Pathway and network analysis, DNA methylation analysis, Survival analysis, Machine Learning

Selected Informatics Tools: Plink, Genome Analysis Toolkit (GATK), BWA, Samtools, IGV, String DB, DAVID Bioinformatics Resource, Weka

Other:  Experimental design, Power analysis