Public Health and Health Services Research Group

Our group conducts various projects related to improving the clinical management and outcomes of stroke. Research on the quality of stroke care in public hospitals continues to be a major objective, as well as designing and evaluating systems to improve the delivery of evidence-based care and achieve better health outcomes after stroke.

A glimpse at our research

Improving the quality of stroke care in Australia: exploring stroke care using data from a national clinical quality stroke registryThe Victorian Stroke Telemedicine Program


15 million strokes and six million stroke deaths occur each year leaving 55 million survivors suffering the consequences of stroke. The Stroke Division of the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health comprises a team of 80 basic and clinical scientists whose aim is to understand the pathophysiology of stroke, optimise existing therapies and develop new treatments and techniques to both prevent and reduce the impact of stroke. The division has five research teams, Stroke Preclinical Science, the AVERT Early Intervention Research Program, the Neurorehabilitation and Recovery group, Public Health and Epidemiology including the Stroke Telemedicine program and the Australian Stroke Clinical Registry, and Clinical Trials.

All Labs that operate in this Division

AVERT Early Rehabilitation Research GroupNeurorehabilitation and Recovery GroupNHMRC Centre of Excellence in Stroke Rehabilitation and RecoveryPublic Health and Health Services Research Group