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Posted on 14/01/2016

Parkinson's disease - Exploring the ‘non-motor’ problems


As Parkinson’s progresses, we see different symptoms appear.  In this talk, we explore the issues beyond movement disorders.

Professor Malcolm Horne is a senior member of the Neurodegeneration laboratory at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health.

He also spends time as a consultant neurologist at St Vincent’s Hospital Fitzroy and is a Conjoint Professor, Centre for Neurosciences at the University of Melbourne.

Professor Horne’s clinical interests are in movement disorders, especially in Parkinson’s disease. His research interests relate to factors underlying the control of movement and in particular the biological basis underlying Parkinson’s disease.

Specifically, he has been studying how the nervous system repairs injured nerve cells and how these nerve cells are guided to their targets.

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