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Posted on 15/12/2015

Stroke - latest international research on stroke management


This lecture will discuss a major advance in stroke treatment recently announced by an Australian team including Professor Donnan at an international conference in

Nashville. The talk will also discuss ways to prevent stroke and important treatment options after a stroke.

Professor Geoffrey Donnan AO is the Director of the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health and a practising neurologist with 30 years’ experience in stroke care.

Prof Donnan is a pioneer in the use of clot-busting medications and the need to race patients through emergency departments as quickly as possible.

His research team members are working on ways to prevent stroke, better treat children with stroke and to push rehabilitation beyond conventional parameters.

Prof Donnan is a past president of the World Stroke Organisation, receiving their Leadership in Stroke Medicine Award in 2012 and the European Stroke Congress Award for Research in 2014.

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