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Posted on 30/06/2015

Metals in Neurodegeneration

Satellite meeting with ISN Biennial Meeting


On behalf of The International Society for Neurochemistry we cordially invite you to join us for this exciting one-day meeting to discover the latest research on Metals in Neurodegeneration.


Disease modification therapies for neurodegenerative have proven frustratingly ineffective in clinical trials. However drugs that target metals offer hope. Metal-based therapies have shown promising outcomes in phase II trials of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Huntington’s diseases.


This symposium will highlight basic neurobiology of metals, through to clinical trial findings from key individuals.


Plenary speakers include:

Professor Ashley Bush (University of Melbourne, Australia) who has investigated the use of metal-based therapies for neurodegenerative diseases, and lead compound PBT2 has been investigated in Phase II clinical trials for Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s diseases.

Professor David Devos (University Lille Nord de France) who was the lead investigator of the FAIRPARK study into the use of the iron chelator, deferiprone, for Parkinson’s disease.

Professor James Connor (Penn State University) who has investigated iron neurobiology and championed the role for iron in neurodegenerative diseases over many years.

Professor Joseph Beckman (Oregon State University) who discovered a role of zinc-deficient SOD in ALS and demonstrated the efficacy of copper delivery in ALS models


Oral and poster presentations will be selected from abstract submissions. Young investigator travel prizes (<2 years PhD) are also available.

Abstract submission (<300 words) to: isnmetals@gmail.com by 25 April, 2015.

Abstracts will only be considered if registration has been paid.

Indicate in email if you wish to be considered for a Young Investigator prize.


For further information, contact Dr Scott Ayton or Dr Jeff Liddell on isnmetals@gmail.com



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