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Posted on 30/06/2015

Eat to Cheat Ageing

This event will be held twice in the same day, firstly 11am and secondly at 6pm.

Ngaire Hobbins is a fully qualified and widely experienced dietitian passionate about encouraging people to relish great food in order to get the most out of life. 

During her long career, Ngaire has become inspired to counter the poor awareness of the unique nutritional needs of our bodies in our senior years so that we can thrive instead of suffering unnecessary physical and mental frailty and decline. 

“When you really think about it, pretty much everything you hear about health on radio and TV, in magazines and newspapers and even from lots of health professionals, is aimed at younger adults,’ says Ngaire. ‘Of course it’s absolutely critical that people do all they can to help themselves live active, healthy lives and that doesn’t change as you get older. But your body changes, and with that your nutritional needs. This is rarely taken into account when messages about health and diets are promoted.” 

In writing Eat To Cheat Ageing, Ngaire examined the scientific research to get a clear picture of the issues faced by ageing bodies and brains, then combined her clinical experience and skills at translating scientific language into consumer friendly speak. The result is a book to help older people make the most of life.


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