Honours Program

Each year we accept students from biomedical science and STEM programs to undertake one-year, full time Honours projects in neuroscience related research. Students undertake all of their scientific research work on site at the Florey, while undertaking their course work at the university department through which they are enrolled.

Student Projects

Becoming an Honours student

Entry to the Honours program is based on the projects available, student suitability and academic background.  Our honours students come to us with a range of majors and backgrounds including biochemistry, chemistry, biomedical science, immunology, cell biology, medicine, pharmacology, molecular biology, pathology, physiology, anatomy and other similar subjects.

Most of our Honours students are enrolled at The University of Melbourne through departments of the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, such as: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Pathology, Microbiology & Immunology, Chemistry, Anatomy & Cell Biology and Pharmacology.

Students who would like to complete an Honours project at the Florey need to:

  • Demonstrate a genuine interest in neuroscience research.
  • Be happy to spend the Honours year (typically February to October) full time at the Florey.
  • Look through the available projects list and contact the project supervisor directly by phone or email to discuss your interest in their research.
  • Make a time to meet with potential supervisors to discuss the project, your interests, visit the lab and meet others in the research group — at this meeting, supervisors will also want to view your academic record.
  • Apply for Honours candidature at The University of Melbourne or at an equivalent university when supervisor and project are confirmed. Florey staff will work with students to facilitate this process.

Please note that in some instances, mid-year commencement may be available. Students who have completed their undergraduate degree at another university in Australia or overseas are also encouraged to contact us directly for further information on how to apply.

Student Contacts