Support Services

The teams that make up Support Services at the Florey aim to provide continuous, reliable services that allow the scientists to focus on what matters - their research.

Building Management

The Facilities Manager is responsible for co-ordination of the day to day maintenance and operational needs for the research staff for the Howard Florey Facility and associated infrastructure.

  • Building and Asset Management
  • Energy and Environmental Management
  • Security Systems (building control systems).
  • Building and Laboratory Inspections, including remedial action
  • OH&S and (Work Health & Safety)
  • Emergency and crisis management
  • Planned and responsive plant and building maintenance
  • Updating and maintaining condition audit of buildings
  • Updating assets inventory and validating assets for write-off
  • Response to critical alarms 24/7

The Facilities Manager is also responsible for ensuring that the processes accompanying each stage of the maintenance cycles are streamlined to further improve efficiencies together with recommendations.

Business Development

The Business Development team provides an integrated commercial service to Florey scientists. The team helps to administer a range of commercial agreements and contracts including material transfer agreements, confidentiality agreements, research collaboration agreements, licences and fee for service contracts. In addition the team helps researchers to identify, protect and exploit their inventions through patent applications and commercial negotiations.

The team includes Drs Karin Sitte and Michael Vovos with Dr Henry de Aizpurua. We play a collaborative role in helping put together applications for linkage and development grants as well as assisting in the evaluation of new proposals that may be suitable for venture capital investment or other commonwealth grant schemes.

Communications and Media

The Florey’s corporate communications and media team responds to media requests and initiates stories with Australian and international media. Led by veteran journalist, Amanda Place, the team also manages strategic communications with government, peak bodies and other independent medical research institutes.

We regularly translate the Florey’s ground-breaking research and find ways to promote the work of our 600 dedicated staff through traditional and social media, the website, a range of publications including the annual report, and through public events.

Would you like to interview a scientist or need assistance in developing a story?

Contact Amanda Place

P +61 3 8344 6942
M +61 411 204 526

Fundraising and Marketing

Our goal directly aligns with the Florey’s mission statement – to improve lives through brain research.

Philanthropic support from individuals, foundations and organisations is crucial to the ongoing research at the Florey.

We are delighted to discuss ways in which we can work with you to support brain research.

We are grateful to our philanthropic partners, and we are dedicated to treating all our friends and supporters with the highest care and respect. 

We promise that every gift:

  • Will be acknowledged promptly.
  • Will be applied to the purpose for which it is intended. Where research priorities change, alternative uses for restricted donations will be discussed with the donor or his/her representative.
  • Allocated to where it is most needed for the advancement of research

Human Resources

The Florey HR team provides a range of services aimed at supporting its people to achieve the Institutes, Mission, Vision and Values.  We are committed to providing an optimal working environment where we can facilitate positive work outcomes and encourage personal development and professional growth​. The operational HR services provided include: -

  • ​​Staff recruitment

  • On boarding​ (Staff/student commencements​)

  • Staff benefits and remuneration

  • Performance Management and Development

  • Staff Training and Development

  • Staff/Student Counselling and Support

  • Staff exit process

  • Occupational Health and Safety

  • Visa applications

In addition to this and at a broader organisational level Human Resources provide a number of strategic services that include:

  • Policy Development

  • Organisational Development

  • Workplace Relations

  • Workforce Planning/Reporting

  • Position evaluation and job design

  • Gender Equity and Diversity initiatives 

Information and Communications Technology

Information Technology and Communication services are provided to Florey personnel through the collaborative efforts of the University of Melbourne’s Infrastructure Services and the Florey ICT group. The Florey has engaged the University of Melbourne to provide common IT services such as networking, security, identity management, email, and telephony. Desktop and specialist support is provided by the Florey ICT group.

The Florey ICT group is committed to providing a stable technological environment that encourages collaboration and advanced scientific research. Each member of the team brings with them extensive knowledge and experience in a wide range of technologies.

Laboratory Management

Florey Laboratory Services provide guidance and support to research personnel on a range of Operational Laboratory services including:-

  • Space Management and Allocation
  • Core Laboratory Equipment, Infrastructure and Services
  • Scientific Asset Management
  • OGTR – training, compliance and co-ordination
  • Licensing and Permits
  • Policy and Compliance
  • Biological Imports/exports
  • Washroom and Sterilisation Service
  • Waste Management

Operations Management

The Florey’s Operations group spans a wide range of activities some of which are highlighted elsewhere in the web site. The overall theme of Operational activities focuses on Scientific Services, platform technologies, information technology and research facilities management. Each of these areas is led by a dedicated group Head reporting through to the Deputy Director.

These operational activities are at the heart of making the Florey as easy a place to do research as is possible whilst maintaining a sensible balance between the effective use of resources and the cost of those resources.

Separately but intertwined with scientific services are the activities of the Fundraising and marketing team and also our Communications team. These staff perform important roles in securing essential exposure of the Florey’s work to the public and to policy makers. In turn these effort translate into revenue from a variety of private philanthropic sources that boost the Institutes ability to fund vital new research areas.