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Drug Impacts on Behaviour and Epigenetics

For PhD Candidates, scholarships (e.g top-up, partial and full) may be available for this project - further information on request.  This project will explore the role of drug actions may play to augment behaviours within and transcending generations.  A combination of behavioural and molecular techniques will be adopted to explore the long term consequences of certain stressors in the presence of current widely used drug therapies for the treatment of neurological disorders such as epilepsy.  Not all stressors have detrimental effects.  Mild food restriction has been shown to have beneficial outcomes for anxiety and maternal behaviour.  The interactions between drug, environment and epigenetics will be investigated.  DNA methylation will be explored in the context of epigenetics and drug actions in this context.  This project will use a combination of behavioural and molecular techniques.  Drug actions will be assessed behaviourally using a number of paradigms.  Anxiety and fear are primary areas of investigation within this study.  Behaviour will be explored in the context of an environmental stressor such as caloric restriction or noise stress. A primary focus is on the stress pathway and the autonomic responses.

Dr Antonio Paolini

Psychology and Experimental Neurophysiology

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The Florey's Epilepsy division is a world-leading centre for epilepsy research. The division has major groups at both the Florey’s Austin and Parkville campus. The group studies mechanisms that cause epilepsy from the level of cells to the function of the whole brain. We use technologies including advanced MRI and cutting edge cellular physiology techniques to allow us to understand genetic and acquired mechanisms that give rise to epilepsy. Together with our colleagues from The University of Melbourne and across Australia we are working towards finding a cure for epilepsy.

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