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Posted on 16/02/2018

The future of MND research - high throughput drug discovery

Dr. Bradley Turner is Head of the Motor Neurone Disease Laboratory, here at The Florey. He has received numerous awards for his inspiring work to stop motor neurone disease and this lecture will give you a chance to learn more about what he is currently working on.

The MND Laboratory at The Florey employs a variety of advanced research techniques to uncover the mystery of how and why motor neurons die. They model the disease in patient-derived samples, cell culture and animal models.  Using these disease models, the team aims to translate new discoveries into relevant biomarkers and targets for effective intervention. Dr Turner's team is particularly interested in why some proteins abnormally fold and clump within neurons, and harnessing the body's own  protective mechanisms to prevent this misfolding.  Our researchers also investigate how these misfolded MND proteins spread through the central nervous system, with the goal of slowing or stopping the disease spreading.

Join us to uncover the future of motor neurone disease with Dr Bradley Turner.





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What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event?

Tram 19, Stop 11 heading away from the city to the Kenneth Myer Building (opposite Royal Melbourne Hospital). Look for the Dr Dax café sign and you’ll know you’re there.

Reasonably priced parking (including many disabled spaces) is available under the building with easy access to the auditorium. 

Important note: Grattan Street will be closing down to traffic from Feb 19 so if you are attending by car please allow an extra 15 minutes to travel.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Tel: 1800 063 693

Email: info@florey.edu.au

Lectures are recorded and available at florey.edu.au a few days after each event. 


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