Florey Postdoctoral Association

The Florey Postdoctoral Association (FPA) unites the postdoctoral scientists of the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health. The overall organisation of the FPA, its activities and day-to-day management are taken care of by a dedicated Committee.

Florey Postdoctoral Association Logo

The purpose of the FPA is to:

  • Provide opportunities to Florey postdoctoral scientists for professional, scientific, personal and career development.
  • Enhance communication between Florey postdoctoral scientists through social and professional networking events.
  • Keep Florey postdoctoral scientists informed through various media (e.g., mailing list, website, social media, ...).
  • Promote contributions made by Florey postdoctoral scientists both within the Institute and externally.
  • Represent Florey postdoctoral scientists towards the Florey Executive and more broadly within the Institute.


Committee Members

Shashank Masaldan (Parkville)
Emilio Werden (Parkville)
Erin Campbell (Parkville)
Phil Ryan (Parkville)
Charlotte Ermine (Parkville)

FPA representatives serving on other Committees

EqIS Leadership Working Group: Shashank MasaldanEmilio Werden
EqIS representative: Amir Omidvarnia
Florey Promotions Committee: Robert SmithSimon James
Graduate Research Committee: Monica LangiuKarla Acevedo
Seminar Committee: Simon James