Florey Foundation

Working towards a sustainable future for research, where the Florey grows strongly and independently.

A particular focus of the Foundation Council is the securing of major gifts to support the work of the Florey. Its aim is to ensure that sufficient numbers of unrestricted philanthropic gifts and bequests are acquired so that a significant endowment fund can be built for the benefit of the Florey and its research.

The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health Foundation is committed to building and maintaining a strong endowment to support the Florey and its work into the future.

Ross Oakley


The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health Foundation has been established for the purposes of:

  • Raising funds through cash gifts, pledged gifts, bequests, sponsorships and special events to support the work of the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health
  • Promoting the work of the Florey to the general public; and
  • Providing appropriate acknowledgement and recognition for givers

Foundation Council Members

Ross Oakley OAM
Graeme Kelly
Graeme Billings
Stephen Spargo AM
Andrea Hull AO
Kate Joel
Ex officio members
Professor Geoffrey Donnan AO, Director
Henry De Aizpurua, Deputy Director
Elouise Holmes, Major Gifts and Philanthropy 
Amanda Place, Media & Communications
Jane Standish, Marketing & Fundraising

The Florey Brains Trust

The Florey Brains Trust is a select group of people from diverse walks of life, industries and professions whose work or other interests make a positive contribution to society.

They are inquisitive people and have a thirst for new knowledge.

They like to be ahead of the game, in touch with the latest developments in science and medicine.

They are unselfish and generous, always willing to help a friend and to share their own good fortune with others.

They are philanthropic and are likely to be supporters of many organisations that make a difference to society.

They understand the value of sound long term investments that offer a measurable return on investment. But from time to time they are willing to take a risk on the exciting, the innovative and the imaginary.

The primary function of the Brains Trust is to raise funds for Florey Brain research through member financial pledges that will provide a significant impact on our work and give our team the confidence to plan and look ahead.

We also see the Florey using the Brains Trust cohort’s expertise to grow community awareness of the Florey’s work and to develop our researcher’s close contact and relationship with the community. Your thoughts and ideas will provide a valuable insight and resource for our work.

We will thank you with special opportunities to network with like-minded people and to learn from our scientists at exclusive briefings. We will ensure that you always have a great seat at our lectures and seminars with local and international speakers. And because you are excited by new discoveries, we will make sure you always receive news of the latest developments.

Graeme Billings, Brains Trust Chair

Learn more about becoming a valued member of the Brains Trust, or join the Florey Brains Trust completing the Brains Trust pledge form.