Epilepsy Cognition Laboratory

The Cognition Laboratory at The Florey Austin uses neuropsychological testing and magnetic resonance imaging to investigate cognitive functioning in the healthy brain and in disease. By examining how cognition is affected in neurological conditions such as epilepsy, stroke, and brain injury we hope to gain insights into both the nature of cognition in the healthy brain, and the manner in which the brain adapts to disruptions to its integrity. As a group our interests span a range of cognitive functions, including language, memory, attention, processing speed and mood.


The Florey's Epilepsy division is a world-leading centre for epilepsy research. The division has major groups at both the Florey’s Austin and Parkville campus. The group studies mechanisms that cause epilepsy from the level of cells to the function of the whole brain. We use technologies including advanced MRI and cutting edge cellular physiology techniques to allow us to understand genetic and acquired mechanisms that give rise to epilepsy. Together with our colleagues from The University of Melbourne and across Australia we are working towards finding a cure for epilepsy.

All Labs that operate in this Division

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