The Brains Trust

The Florey Brains Trust is a select group of people from diverse walks of life, industries and professions whose work or other interests make a positive contribution to society.

Members of the Brains Trust raise funds for brain research through their donations and by inviting those in their networks to be a part of this giving group.

The Brains Trust is your opportunity to be close to the work of the Florey, one of the largest brain research centres in the world and the biggest in Southern Hemisphere. By being a part of the Brains Trust, you can actively support the Florey’s scientists, whose goal is to improve the lives of people through brain research.

Your annual donations will benefit the Florey’s Future Fund, an endowment that will aid the leaders of the institute in its ability to map out plans beyond the annual cycle and which will help ensure long term sustainability of funding for its crucial work. 

As a Brains Trust member, you will:

  • have access to a network of like-minded people bonded through your common interest in being in touch with the latest in life changing science and medicine;
  • hear from and interact with our scientists at exclusive briefings and events;
  • receive invitations to our lectures and seminars featuring local and international speakers;
  • meet & get to know the Florey’s Foundation Council, who champion the Brains trust;
  • have the opportunity to suggest activities and events for the group;
  • be the first to receive news of latest developments in Florey’s work;
  • be recognised through a gold brain lapel pin; and
  • be acknowledged as a supporter of the Florey in relevant donor lists, if you wish.

If you would like to discuss the Brains Trust with our Philanthropy Executive, Alison Smith, please contact her on +61 3 9035 5893 or via email.  

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Brain health affects all Australians.
You can support our research by making a donation or a bequest.


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