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​One in four Australians will be will be directly affected by diseases of the brain and mind. That’s why your support to brain research is so critical.

Over the years, the Florey has benefitted from the support of philanthropists that have helped us achieve breakthroughs that benefit the community.

Endowing the future - The Florey Future Fund

Today’s research idea is tomorrow’s healthy future.

The Florey Future Fund is an exceptional opportunity to help advance brain research to benefit the community. The Florey’s researchers will be able to build the best teams, conduct their research in cutting-edge laboratories within the Florey’s Parkville and Austin campuses and collaborate globally with their peers to discover answers about a most complex organ – the brain.

Your support will help us in our quest for tireless, dedicated and unique research to increase our understanding of the human brain. You will enable us to deliver life-changing discoveries, find ways to prevent and cure brain diseases, and communicate our discoveries so people around the world are empowered to care for their brain health.

The Florey Future Fund will provide perpetual funding for brain research. It is a financial endowment, with its principal remaining intact and only the return on investment, in the form of ordinary interest, will be distributed annually.

Learn more about the Florey Future Fund [PDF, 1.4M]. In this document, you will read about the story of Carl and Wendy Dowd and their family, who have made a $5M leadership gift to the Florey to benefit the Florey Future Fund. Carl and Wendy have a compelling message to share about their journey towards this significant gift to the Florey and their motivations for supporting us. The Florey community has paid tribute to the Dowds, with some key messages compiled in this video.


Leaving a gift in your will to the Florey or giving a major gift (donations of $10,000 and above), will enable us to accelerate towards pioneering research and ensure there is no delay in our researchers discovering interventions for the prevention and cure of brain disease.  

Major gifts

A major gift is a significant financial contribution that can make a remarkable difference to our work, as they are often donation amounts that can cover a significant proportion – if not all - of the costs for projects of scale and complexity. Major gifts received for a project are a valuable leverage for seeking other sources of funding. You may wish to direct your major gift to specific research areas or, you may also authorise our Director to decide its use for areas of greatest need. We receive major gifts in different ways, through your private ancillary fund, as a personal gift, as a corporate donation or through a trust or foundation.

If you would like to discuss or give a major gift to the Florey, please contact​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ or call 1800-063-693

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Brain health affects all Australians.
You can support our research by making a donation or a bequest.


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