A gift in your will

Leaving a gift in your will provides a legacy of hope for future generations and ensures that your memory is honoured into the future. The decision to leave a bequest is a meaningful way to contribute towards a better future through brain research.

Bequests of all sizes have a vital role in funding research, to understand more deeply the workings of the human brain and to lessen the harm caused by a range of diseases. Every one of us has known someone or multiple people affected by the diseases that the Florey researches, or even faced these challenges ourselves. Together we can build a healthier tomorrow where these diseases are more intricately understood, and life-changing treatments are available to everyone.  

Once you have provided for your loved ones, choosing to leave a gift in your will is the best way to see this vision come closer to fruition, continuing your legacy and values, while giving hope to future generations.

“I have been a major supporter for many years and am very pleased to continue that support with my bequest...When I was younger I was involved in a terrible car accident. At the time it affected me very deeply, and I became interested in how the brain really controls our own destiny. With a background in medical research, I wanted to know more about brain health and research, and this naturally led me to the Florey. I have been a major supporter for many years and am very pleased to continue that support with my bequest.”

John Milne
Florey Bequestor

Bequests Make Breakthroughs Possible

Choosing to leave a gift in your will ensures that we’re able to continue our ground-breaking research and further extend the frontiers of our understanding of the human brain, and most importantly to save lives. 

Many people find that they’re able to give more generously through their will than they ever could during their lifetime. Even a small percentage of your estate can have a momentous impact through our research. 

Pictured: Professor Graeme Jackson’s patient, Rachel Vella, is now free of daily seizures after surgery to remove a tiny part of her brain causing epilepsy. The Florey’s imaging technology leads the world and allows precise surgery that transforms lives.

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If you have any questions or want to let us know that you’ve made this very special and unique gift, email our Bequest, Alumni and Donor Relations Officer Kern Mangan-Walker,  or call him on 03 8344 2113.

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