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Posted on 14/01/2016

Concussion in sport: its impact on the brain– from young kids through to elite athletes


Assoc Prof Paul McCrory will discuss concussion and the way it affects the brain – from young kids through to elite athletes.  This world-leading investigator will dispel some myths while updating us on the latest research.

Assoc Prof Paul McCrory is a consultant neurologist, general physician and sports physician with particular expertise in the area of traumatic brain injuries. He is recognised as a global leader in the field of sports concussion and is an NHMRC Practitioner Fellow based at the Florey.

After a career as team doctor for Collingwood Football Club for 15 years as well as working with F1 racing, professional boxing, soccer, rugby, Olympics and other gladiatorial sporting contests, Prof McCrory consults on medical policy for a range of international organisations including: the International Olympic Committee (IOC); Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA); International Rugby Board; Horse Racing Association (UK); Rugby League (UK); Sports Medicine Australia; National Rugby League (Australia); Australian Football League; and the International Ice Hockey Federation.

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