Advanced MRI Development Group

The Advanced MRI Development team is a world leader in diffusion MRI innovation, and the methodological advances made at the Florey are being applied increasingly worldwide to further our understanding of the healthy brain and of how network connectivity is affected in disease. Such advances in technique will also have a major influence on human connectome investigations. 


The Advanced MRI Development group has created and made publicly available a number of software packages that have enabled research groups worldwide to be able to implement and use the technical advances that have been developed at the Florey. These software packages have been extensively downloaded and are widely used throughout the research community.

  • MRtrix: software package to enable white matter fibre tracking to be done in the brain using our constrained spherical deconvolution algorithm.  (>7600 downloads)
  • Numerical Fibre Generator: software package to generate realistic arrangements of bundles of fibres, with a complexity similar to that of white matter. Designed to be used as a test-bed for the development and evaluation of tractography methods.  (>1700 downloads)


The Florey is a world-leader in neuroimaging development and applied research. Both the Imaging and Epilepsy divisions specialise in advanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) methods development, especially related to diffusion MRI, perfusion MRI, and methods to study brain functional and structural connectivity. Functional MRI (fMRI) and simultaneous fMRI and electroencephalography (fMRI-EEG) methods development and application are also a major priority. Neuroimaging is also a crucial component of several studies undertaken in the Stroke division.

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