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Posted on 14/01/2016

Active memory - use it or lose it!

Just like our hearts, our brains respond to a healthy diet and good old-fashioned exercise.  Smoking? Stop it. Too much alcohol? Ditto. But there are even more things you can do to improve brain function.

There are times when our memory leaves us high and dry: standing and staring blankly into the fridge; introducing a colleague before realising we can’t recall their name; searching for car keys you thought were in your hand. It is somewhat comforting to know that short-term memory lapses such as these are not uncommon. Yet they can still be disconcerting, particularly as our birthdays tick by and we begin to wonder whether we are simply becoming a bit barmy.

In a return of this fascinating lecture, Professor Wood will explore the impact of cognitive training and ways to enhance our mental abilities.

Professor Robert E. Wood is a the Director of the Centre for Ethical Leadership at Ormond College and holds an honorary position with the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health.

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