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The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health is one of the largest and highly respected brain research centres in the world.

Our teams work on a range of serious diseases including stroke, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and motor neurone diseases, depression and addiction. A full list of diseases we study can be found here.  We are world leaders in imaging technology, stroke rehabilitation and large population studies to improve patient care around the world.

The Florey is the largest brain research group in the Southern Hemisphere

Research of the brain is rapidly gaining momentum as our understanding of the body's most elusive organ evolves. Internationally, populations are ageing and there is a sense of urgency to find causes, treatments and cures for conditions affecting the brain and mind. Our scientists are seeking ways to help people live without suffering and to improve health on a global scale.

The Florey provides scientists and students with world-class facilities and the opportunity to improve lives. We continue to be a world leader in neuroscience and welcome interest from those who might help us in our quest.

State and Federal Governments, major philanthropic foundations and many generous private benefactors have recognised the importance of neuroscience as the final frontier in medical research.

  • Our Mission

    Improving lives through brain research.

  • Our Vision

    To create significant knowledge about the brain

  • Our Values

    Improving global health; innovation; working together with integrity; sharing our discoveries with our partners and supporters

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Brain health affects all Australians.
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