Fundraising Ideas

Interested in fundraising for Florey? Here are some ideas to help you contribute to our brain research.

Before you start, please complete a fundraising submission form.


There are many ways of running an ‘athon’’ –

  • Sportathon
  • Spellathon
  • Danceathon
  • Walkathon

These events are usually held annually, so the target of beating the previous year provides even more motivation. The idea is to get sponsorship for how ever many units of the ‘athon’ you complete – laps, kilometres, words, etc.


There is quite a lot of organisation involved in putting together the sponsorship sheets etc, so it is worth looking around for a functioning system to replicate, rather than starting from scratch. You can do it yourself or you can have a company organise it for you. The profit returned from athons is generally very good as there is a significant fun element for people in competing with each other.

Greeting Cards and Gift Wrap

You can sell home-made or purchased cards and gift wrap at markets or simply through networks. These are popular all year round.


Chocolate drives have always been a very popular fundraiser, and earn a surprising amount of money. There are several suppliers of well known brands of chocolate.

Coffee & Tea Mobile Cafes

 At sporting events, fetes, etc. you can sell tea and coffee. Invite a mobile cafe to your event and they will pay you a percentage of takings, or hire your own coffee machine.   Couple with a fundraiser selling freshly ground coffee.

Coffee Morning or AfternoonTea

Host a coffee morning or an afternoon tea, and ask everyone to contribute to the cause. Have information leaflets or newsletters available to give to your guests.

Film night

If you can get your hands on a large room and a projector (or large screen TV/DVD player) you're almost there! However, you need to be aware that copyright regulations prevent you from screening copyright films to large audiences and charging an entry for viewing. They don’t, however, prevent you from showing the film free of charge and then requesting that people make a voluntary donation at the door, or by charging for refreshments at the venue. Alternatively, if you know any budding film makers, why not make your film night their premiere screening?

Lamingtons & Pies, Cakes & Slices

A lamington or pie drive is one of the good old timers. Don't restrict yourself just to pies and lamingtons, though, there are many companies now who do a whole range of baked products and offer them as fundraising items. Generally you will be supplied with order forms to send out to members of your network. Have a set date for these to be returned by, together with money. Your supplier will be able to give you all the information you need to run a successful drive.

Movie Tickets

Contact Hoyts, Village or Palace for their fundraising packages.

Murder Mystery Parties

A really fun fundraising event is to host Murder Mystery Party. Ready made murder mystery kits do all the hard work for you. Most take around three hours to play out and can be adapted to suit the number of people attending your event. The beauty of this fundraiser is it is suitable for a small number of people and you can host it at home. For larger numbers, book a restaurant or use your school hall.

Guests attending your event will assume the role of characters in the mystery and will work through a series of clues to find the killer. Theming your event gives your guests the opportunity to arrive in fancy dress. Theme the meal you serve to suit the occasion. You can award prizes for the best dressed. There are a huge number of mystery dinners you can choose from.

 You can combine other fundraising elements during the evening such as raffles and silent auctions. With some good planning this can be a very profitable fundraiser than can become an annual event.

Music gig

 Are you a member of a band? Or do you know someone that is? If you can locate a local band that is willing to donate one night of their time and talent for a great cause, this is a fantastic way to raise funds. Advertise well, charge cover at the door, donate the proceeds to a charitable cause—and you have yourself a fundraiser.


A simple and good way to raise funds is to run a simple raffle during the course of an evening event. An effective way to run the raffle is to have two separate draws for the evening, leaving the big prize until last. The amount of draws will depend on the amount of prizes on offer. Tickets can be sold during the course of the evening.

You can also run a professional raffle with exciting prizes without having to get permits, source prizes, etc. Simply engage a company that can do all the hard work for you as well as providing fantastic prizes.

For regulations governing raffles, see:

Read more

Sausage sizzle

The good old Aussie sausage sizzle stall never fails to draw the crowds and so provides a really great way to raise some funds. A sausage sizzle stall can be set up in all sorts of locations and at all types events—sports events, market days, or on school or university campuses. If you are a member of a community club that regulary operates sausage sizzles, perhaps the committee could support the Florey with the proceeds from an event.

Trivia Nights

Trivia or Quiz nights are a lot of fun and more profitable than most other activities. Trivia night questions should be designed so that at least 80 percent of the questions will be answered correctly, and should also cover a wide variety of topics to ensure everybody will have a rewarding evening. Trivia companies can organise everything for you or supply you with kits to do it yourself.

Depending on the amount of people attending, you will obviously need to book a venue which will cater for all the people comfortably. The venue can be set up in any shape you wish, bearing in mind the presenter will need a table at the head or front of the venue.

  • Encourage teams of no more than 10 people. Small teams (eg: 4 people or less) should be encouraged to join ‘forces’.
  • A good, reliable microphone system is required for the evening, and a portable whiteboard is ideal.
  • Aim to play at least 3 games during the course of the evening - a prize needs to be awarded to each winner. The prizes need not be anything extravagant (a bottle of champagne, a box of Chocolates or a book are some examples).
  • Award prizes for the teams which come first and second for the evening (a small hamper of goodies or a small trophy per player usually does the trick). Remember to provide at least one prize per team member unless you only wish to reward the winning table.
  • The table which comes last could also receive a prize (in good taste of course!).

Wine Fundraising

Create a wine club for your group to get discounts on the wines you were already buying. If successful, you will be able to send out regular orders and keep the fundraising going all year.

  • Cleanskins make an excellent fundraiser for special occasions such as a club anniversary, a special dinner or to support a new project.
  • Create custom printed labels.
  • You can also purchase cleanskins in water and beer.

Winery Tours

Winery tours are great fun and will normally visit a selection of wineries giving you the opportunity to see how wine is produced, sample the product, and buy wine to take home. As well as making a profit on your ticket prices, you can also run raffles along the way to boost your fundraising dollars. There are many companies who run these tours and help to make it a positive fundraising experience for all.