The Florey Department of Neuroscience and Mental Health

Are you interested in researching the brain? How does it develop and function, and what happens when it goes wrong?

The Florey is the biggest neuroscience institute in Australia, and combines a nurturing research experience with cutting edge technology, and the brightest minds in neuroscience.

Come and find out how you can drive the next wave of neuroscience research at our project information day:

7th September, 12pm - 2 pm. Level 5 Kenneth Myer Building, Parkville.

See the link to the project booklet below.

The Florey Department of Neuroscience and Mental Health is a department of the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, The University Of Melbourne.

The Florey Department is responsible for the teaching of research higher degree programs: Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Philosophy.

University of Melbourne Science students can undertake their projects at the Florey when enrolled through the Department of Florey or other science departments, and are fully supported by our Education program.

Students work towards their academic qualifications which give them broad ranging opportunities to work in neuroscience research both locally and internationally.

As much as Australian students and graduates are keen to travel, the Florey welcomes students from a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds to conduct their research studies in Melbourne. The Florey's Post Doctoral and Student societies are a very active part of Florey life. They help students to connect with the local science community and they introduce international students to the excellent and unique lifestyle offered in Melbourne.

We offer PhD programs as well as Honours projects. For further details on the projects please refer to the Florey Student Project Guide for 2016.  

For the clinical neuroscience course refer to the brochure or for further information please contact Dr. Kathy Lefevere

Graduate Research Administrator

Student Support - +61 (0)3 9035 6789

Graduate Research Coordinators

Christopher Reid - +61 (0)3 9035 6372
David Abbott        - +61 (0)3 9035 7025

MDHS Student Centre - +61 (0)3 8344 5890

Head of Department

Professor Geoffrey Donnan

Research Education

Dr Kathy Lefevere