Florey Students (SOFI)

The Students of Howard Florey Institute postgraduate group (SOFI) was established in 1999 to enhance the academic, social, and professional lives of HFI students.

SOFI represents the Students of the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health. We are here  to represent honoraries, masters, postgraduate and undergraduate students and a support network for all affiliated with the Florey Institute.

SOFI organise a variety of academic, career-enhancing, networking and social activities each year for the purpose of creating new opportunities, personal and career development and most of all enhance communication between researchers alike.

Each year SOFI hosts numerous BBQs, trivia nights and most importantly the infamous SOFI retreat.  We encourage students to interact by subsiding many social activities such as attending  AFL games, A-League games, Australian open matches, comedy festival shows and the list goes on.  SOFI are proud of being a support network for all students affiliated with the Florey and encourage students to promote and talk about their research.. We look forward to more ground breaking research for 2015 and we welcome you all to the world of Neuroscience and Mental health research at the Florey.

SOFI aims to:
Enhance the academic and professional life of SOFI students
Encourage social interaction of students within the Florey Neuroscience Institutes
The go to body for any student requiring assistance with research life, career progression and general advice
The following appointments have been made for 2015 at the Annual General Meeting:


SOFI Committee Members

President: Katie Fennell
Vice-President: Sophia Luikinga
Secretary: Rebecca Norris
Treasurer: Leigh Walker
Austin Representative: Mangor Pedersen
Sports Representative: Natasha Pracejus
Interdepartmental Representative Charlotte Ermine
Education Representative Yamni Mohan

OH&S Representative:

Mentoring Representative:


Shlomo Yeshurun

Brad Hoare



If you would like more information on SOFI, feel free to contact the group at sofi@florey.edu.au.

SOFI student guide

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