Awards & Prizes

There are a range of travel prizes and awards available to PhD students and Postdoctoral Research Fellows each year.

The prizes are valued between $1,500 and $5,000 and are awarded to individuals on the basis of academic excellence and research performance. They are made available to assist with international or interstate conference travel or other travel of importance to career development.

The awards have been made possible by generous organisations and individuals wishing to assist the young scientists of the Florey in their research studies and career development.

Some of the awards are available by application and some are awarded by the Postgraduate Matters Committee (PMC) or the Postdoctoral Assessment Panel (PAP) on the basis of the achievements of PhD Students and Postdoctoral Research Fellows including an annual presentation to the Institute by each PhD student on their research work.

All Awardees are recognised publicly at the Florey Annual General Meeting in the year following the award and the list of annual awards are listed in the Annual (Research) Report.