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Clive May and his colleagues have produced a superb one off edition of the Journal of Physiology highlighting the Florey contributions. Geoff Donnan wrote a brief editorial and a lengthier one was written by Derek Denton, our founding Director who has beautifully highlighted the historical Florey scientific evolution.  


Howard Florey and neuroscience

Geoffrey A. Donnan and David J. Paterson

J Physiol 2013;591 33-34

The founding of the Howard Florey Institute of Experimental Physiology and Medicine

Derek Denton

J Physiol 2013;591 35-40

Neuroscience from the Florey Institute

Differential effects of early environmental enrichment on emotionality related behaviours in Huntington's disease transgenic mice

Thibault Renoir, Terence Y.C. Pang, Christina Mo, Grace Chan, Caroline Chevarin, Laurence Lanfumey, and Anthony J. Hannan

J Physiol 2013;591 41-55

Genetic and pharmacological modulation of giant depolarizing potentials in the neonatal hippocampus associates with increased seizure susceptibility

Ernesto Vargas, Steven Petrou, and Christopher A. Reid

J Physiol 2013;591 57-65

Generation of striatal projection neurons extends into the neonatal period in the rat brain

Jordan Wright, Davor Stanic, and Lachlan H. Thompson

J Physiol 2013;591 67-76

Cell intrinsic and extrinsic factors contribute to enhance neural circuit reconstruction following transplantation in Parkinsonian mice

Jessica Kauhausen, Lachlan H. Thompson, and Clare L. Parish

J Physiol 2013;591 77-91

The role of the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus in the regulation of cardiac and renal sympathetic nerve activity in conscious normal and heart failure sheep

Rohit Ramchandra, Sally G. Hood, Robert Frithiof, Michael J. McKinley, and Clive N. May

J Physiol 2013;591 93-107

Descending control of the respiratory neuronal network by the midbrain periaqueductal grey in the rat in vivo

Hari H. Subramanian

J Physiol 2013;591 109-122