Associate Professor David Howells

Associate Professor David Howells

Division Head
- Basic Science

Associate Professor Howells began his career investigating the biochemical and genetic basis of dopamine and serotonin deficits in children. He went on to describe a new population of dopaminergic neurons, demonstrated that BDNF depletion can cause parkinsonism and that Parkinson’s disease patients are deficient in BDNF. His other research interest is in stroke: his studies of neuroprotection in stroke have led to improved modelling of stroke in animals, the development of new methods of imaging, and development of systematic review and analysis as tools for rigorously evaluating basic science literature. The latter have led three leading stroke journals to publish guidelines for Good Laboratory Practice.


Listed below are Associate Professor David Howells’s most recent publications.

  1. O'Collins VE, Donnan GA, Macleod MR, Howells DW.
    Hypertension and experimental stroke therapies. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab PMID: 23736641
  2. Howells DW, Macleod MR.
    Evidence-based translational medicine. Stroke PMID: 23559263
  3. Batchelor PE, Skeers P, Antonic A, Wills TE, Howells DW, Macleod MR, Sena ES.
    Systematic review and meta-analysis of therapeutic hypothermia in animal models of spinal cord injury. PLoS One PMID: 23951131
  4. Batchelor PE, Wills TE, Skeers P, Battistuzzo CR, Macleod MR, Howells DW, Sena ES.
    Meta-analysis of pre-clinical studies of early decompression in acute spinal cord injury: a battle of time and pressure. PLoS One PMID: 24009695