Florey Postdoctoral Association

The Florey Postdoctoral Association (FPA) represents all the postdoctoral fellows within the Florey Institute.

What we do

Our aims are to:

  1. Assist Florey postdocs in becoming excellent scientists by providing opportunities for professional development, scientific presentations, and prizes for scientific excellence.
  2. Enhance communication between Florey postdocs through organised social and professional networking events.
  3. Keep Florey postdocs informed by maintaining the FPA webpage and distributing relevant information through the FPA email list.
  4. Promote the scientific and cultural contributions made by Florey postdocs both within the Institute and externally.
  5. Act as a voice for the views of Florey postdocs to the Florey Executive and the Institute more broadly.


Current FPA Committee Members




Michele Veldsman


Terence Pang

EqIS Representative

Katherine Jackman

EqIS Representative

Christina Perry

General Member

David Hawkes

General Member

Evan Curwood

General Member

Xin Du

Graduate Research Committee


Noel Faux


Heather Madsen


Scott Kolbe

Information about up-coming events is available on the Florey Intranet FPA webpage.